Harold H. Kynett created The Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation, Inc. to improve cardiovascular health in the Delaware Valley. The Foundation seeks to fulfill Mr. Kynett’s vision by funding innovative projects which will advance the understanding of cardiac disease, as well as those which contribute to improved prevention and treatment. The Foundation currently accepts proposals in any of three broad areas: professional education, research, and programs to improve cardiovascular health in certain communities or populations. The Board encourages and gives particular consideration to proposals designed to improve the cardiac health of populations that have a higher than average risk of heart disease and that are generally underserved by our current health system. Kynett funding may not be utilized for routine medical care unless such services are provided as an essential component of a program to test innovative methods of health service delivery.

Beginning with its Fall 2016 grant cycle, the Foundation is adding a new area of focus to its community health programming: addressing childhood exposure to risk factors such as stress, poor diet, or lack of physical activity, including the conditions that affect access to healthier foods and physical activity (The Childhood Cardiovascular Risk Initiative.) The Foundation seeks proposals to reduce exposure to these risk factors in young children and their families in underserved communities. It is interested in projects which maximize their impact across a child’s life, perhaps by addressing risk factors in more than one setting or engaging both primary caregivers and children, thus involving two generations. In addition, the Foundation is particularly interested in programming that targets stress reduction, as stress reduction is considered a promising approach to preventing obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors in children. Click here to read the RFP for the Childhood Cardiovascular Risk Initiative.

In the area of professional education, Kynett will consider applications for funding of continuing professional education programs that take place in the Philadelphia region and that target physicians and other health services providers who work with underserved populations. The Board will give additional weight to proposals that provide scholarships to healthcare professionals who are not physicians; that emphasize outreach to health professionals who practice in high risk, underserved communities; or that develop innovative curricula for health professionals who practice in those communities.

Proposals for research intended to improve delivery of cardiovascular health services in underserved communities or focused on those risk factors especially relevant to women, children, minorities or the economically disadvantaged are of particular interest.

Innovative approaches that may offer a significant return on investment and a focus on prevention are also priorities.

Each applicant must include its plan for evaluating the proposed program and for disseminating the results, where appropriate. Grants generally do not exceed $50,000.

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60th Anniversary Special Program.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Foundation instituted a special grant cycle, targeting interventions designed to address the burden of cardiovascular disease in vulnerable populations, focusing on programs which included active community outreach integrated with health care services. The Foundation was particularly interested in outreach strategies that incorporated community health workers, patient navigators, peer educators, counselors or other outreach workers and programs which focused on prevention.

The Foundation is very pleased to announce that the recipients of its 60th Anniversary Grants are:
• Abottsford Family Practice & Counseling Network - Heart to Heart
• Penn Center for Community Health Workers – IMPaCT Primary Care
• Puentes du Salud – Promatoras Program in South Philadelphia
• Project H.O.M.E. – Community Health Worker Led Outreach and Health Screenings
• Health Promotion Council of SEPA – Corazones en Accion

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If you have any questions or would like more information about the Foundation’s work, please contact the Executive Director, Martha Morse, at or 610-896-3868.